Spring Break Staycation

Are you in Tulsa for spring break?  Yeah well so are a lot of us.
No beach or mountains in sight so what do you do with your week?

What to do … what to do …

Well, listen up, Tulsa! We’ve got some ideas for you.

The Boxyard

New, trendy and right in the middle of the Blue Dome District downtown, the Boxyard makes for the perfect Instagram shots. From shopping, to comic books or coffee and ice cream, the Boxyard has it all!

They house some of Tulsa favorites including:

  • Dwelling Spaces
  • Beau & Arrow
  • Abelina’s
  • The Open container
  • Rose Rock and Microcreamery

Visit their website to find the complete list of stores.

Tulsa Boxyard.jpg
The Boxyard in Tulsa.jpg

The Tulsa Zoo

The ultimate day out activity! The Tulsa zoo is definitely a classic for anyone who was raised in town. Open from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. every day.

Get your daily steps in AND see all your favorite animals all in one afternoon.

Tickets range from $8-12

Tulsa Zoo.jpg
The Tulsa Zoo.jpg


It might not be your usual go-to activity, but it’s spring break! Try something new.

If you don’t belong to any of the surrounding country clubs, no biggie. The Lafortune golf park will do the trick. Click here to book a tee time! Open from 6 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Lafortune Park Golf Course.jpg
Lafortune Park Golf Course in Tulsa.jpg

Turkey Mountain

Get some “fresh” air in the middle of town. Turkey Mountain is 300 acres of pure beauty with a view of the Arkansas River for you to walk, run, bike or climb.

Turkey Mountain.jpg
Turkey Mountain in Tulsa.jpg

Tuesday Trivia Nights  

If trivia is your thing, then Tulsa’s got you covered.

  • Soul City Gastropub & Music house
  • Inner Circle Vodka Bar
  • McNellie’s South City
  • Growler USA
  • Main Street Tavern - Questionable Company Trivia
Trivia Night in Tulsa.jpg
Fun Trivia Night in Tulsa.jpg