Beta Launch Week

We have now been live for one whole week!!!

Looking back here's a glimpse of our beta launch day, September 8th. We started off the morning by bringing in some amazing Antoinette's Bakery goodies for our friends at 36 Degrees North (an entrepreneurship basecamp and our headquarters in Tulsa). Our friends and co-workers here were very happy to celebrate with us and download our app while eating these delicious goodies (picture below)! 

However, we couldn't converse over donuts and pastries for long because it was LAUNCH DAY!! Hans got to work on common bugs, while I got busy getting our social media posts off the ground! Shortly after the donut celebration, Nick and myself left our headquarters at 36 Degrees North and started spreading the word! I made my way to The University of Tulsa's campus and went by the library, trading a donut for a download at a rapid rate. Once I ran out of donuts, unfortunately quicker than anticipated, I switched over to just handing out the DOWNLOAD UTOWN fliers to anyone else in the library, being careful not to disrupt anyone's focus while studying. Next I handed to the Student Union at TU and continued promoting. Meanwhile Hans was tackling any issue that arose and continuing to optimize the speed and efficiency of our new platform. Nick got the opportunity to speak about the app at a local Town Hall Meeting then continued to promote in multiple areas throughout the day. The majority of the rest of Launch Week, we stayed focused on downtown Tulsa and The University of Tulsa, but we have plans to introduce our app to nearby cities and college campuses soon, so if you want us to visit you with donuts let us know!

The journey to get to our launch date was very long, but we did it! In no way are we perfect, we have much to improve on and plan to constantly improve and innovate everyday. What is really cool now is that our users are helping us make our decisions for what to do next, based on their experiences while utilizing the app. If you have any issues or would like to give us feedback do not hesitate to let us know by emailing

Thank you for your support!

Malachi Blankenship

Tulsa, OK