How To Plan the Perfect Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be a tricky holiday. While the love is there, planning the perfect day can be difficult. That's why the Utown app has decided to share their simple four-step plan to ensure success. Use this guide to plan a huge event or a casual evening out. Either way, your girl is sure to feel the love.


Have a Plan

The very first thing you should do is create a plan for your time together. Start with a timeline. Figure out exactly when you both are able to get together and how long you want the festivities to last. Section it all out with different time slots and fill them appropriately. Physically writing this down will help your mind get organized and allow you to get the creative juices flowing. As an extra tip, remember to always be confident about whatever plan you have. If you are feeling anxious, your girl will feed off that emotion and be uncertain of the date.

Plan a Surprise

If you two prefer to talk about your Valentine's Day, then, by all means, plan it together. But even if she's in on the action, make it a point to surprise her at least once during the evening. Whether you're bringing her a bouquet of flowers, gift her a new necklace, or take her to a new ice cream spot in town, surprises add a bit of adventure and mystery.


Try Something New

Perhaps that surprise is trying something new to the both of you. The unknown can be a bit intimidating and it's that suspense that ultimately leads to the reward. Taste a new dish, explore a new area, or try a new hobby. This can actually help bring you closer together as a couple as you are both relying on each other to help you through the experience. Foster feelings of trust and accomplishment by making time for something new this Valentine's Day.

Sweet Talk

Start the morning off with a heartfelt message. This could be a text if you live separate. Or, you could leave sticky notes throughout your shared home with expressions of love. Whatever method you choose, this sets the mood for the entire day. Continue to sweet talk your partner as much as you can and do your best to voice whatever positive thought comes to your mind.


With these four simple steps in mind, you can easily plan the perfect Valentine's Day. If you're looking for something to do or go around Tulsa, jump on the Utown app. Utown shows you real-time updates on local events and deals so you always know where to go next. Use it to plan your Valentine's Day or any day!

Make this day of love the best one yet.

Happy Valentine's Day!