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Explore, Experience & Share

How to Explore

Check what’s happening in your area to see if there’s a new experience you could have. Search for a certain city or specific area you may want to travel to in order to see what the real pulse of the community is there. Search in your own community for what already interests you by using keywords to filter through the content on your feeds. Message your friends or look at their recent activity to see what they are doing.

How to Experience

You experience by not just being a scroller but by being a goer!

Experience by:

  • Further developing your existing interests through corresponding content.

  • Finding new places to go to next within your community.

  • Reacting to content and helping shape where you’re at.

  • Reliving events from multiple perspectives

How to Share

Utown is one of the first of it’s kind when it comes to social navigation apps, we have strategically model ourselves in a way that does not exclude anyone from the community instead we believe every perspective is unique and believe that by adopting this model it will help draw communities together and give our users the chance to more fully experience and engage wherever they’re at.

So don’t think “me first”, think “you first!” Hence utown.. ;)

Another way to think of why it’s important to share is if you have heard of the old phrase “it takes a village.”

Because that’s the case here, but uvillage just wasn’t as catchy as utown.

Be active in sharing by:

  • Posting content that you find important (fun content, interesting content, necessary content, engaging content, entertaining content, relevant content)

  • Actively reacting to content that you find on the app as you see fit

  • Tagging friends in posts, events or market items that you think they would be interested in

  • Encouraging your favorite businesses to post content to drive users to their location, because when they succeed, you benefit! :)

Be sure NOT to share anything containing:

  • Sensitive Information (eg: where you live, your credit card number, etc) 

  • Graphic Violence

  • Nudity or graphic sexual content

  • Bullying

  • Spam

Your content will be removed and your account suspended, and if deemed necessary your associated number and member login privileges would be terminated.